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Properly Caring For Pets During Halloween

Pet Kept Secrets has a few tips to keep pets safe during Halloween.  Always remember to keep pets separated from all candy, keep them in a quiet and calm place when trick or treaters hit your door and keep them away from food and people during loud Halloween parties. If pets do accidentally get into candy or anything harmful, Pet Kept Secrets has multiple search features to help find veterinarians in your area and find emergency veterinary hospitals.

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Picking the Right Veterinarian For You and Your Pet

One of the most important things that any pet parent can do is pick the right veterinarian for their pet.  This process is often over-looked because the busy schedules that people keep force them into often times selecting the closest veterinarian to their home.  Pet Kept Secrets wants pet parents and prospective pet owners to understand that this can lead to a costly mistake and it is key to pick a veterinarian that both you and your pet are happy with.

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