Properly Caring For Pets During Halloween

2014-10-03 04:28:53

Halloween is a very fun-filled holiday for people of all ages.  However, this holiday can be very stressful and potentially dangerous for our furry friends.  Pets have both stress and health issues that frequently arise from a night of trick-or-treating and holiday parties.  Be cautious of kids that are out trick-or-treating.  Make sure that they do not dump bags of candy out where pets can access them.  Obviously, chocolate is a known health hazard for dogs and cats, but any sugar-free candies are hazardous too.  Sugar substitutes can be lethal to all pets if ingested.

Another hazardous candy for pets is gum or any gummy fruit candy.  These often have sugar substitutes in them, but can also block the digestive tract and create ruptures in the intestines. This is also true with lollipops and other candies that are on sticks or have plastic pieces to hold them.  Be sure to keep pets separated from candy at all times and store it in a place where pets cannot get to it.  If your pet accidentally does ingest candy, watch out for warning signs of a problem.  These include diarrhea, vomiting and even seizures.  Often times before these signs start, if there is a problem with your pet you can see it in their behavior.  If your pet begins to lay around, whine for no reason, have a severe increase or decrease in thirst or appetite or displays changes in behavior (such as carrying their head low or tucking their tail between their legs) chances are someting is wrong and you should closely monitor them.  

If your pets have gotten into candy or are displaying any of these symptoms, be sure to check out Pet Kept Secrets to search for, locate, contact and review veterinarians, mobile vets and after hours emergency vet hospitals and get your pet professional help as soon as possible.

Another pet-related problem that arises from Halloween is stress from all the activity.  Trick-or-treating can take a large emotional toll on your pet.  Unfamiliar behavior from their families mixed with constant doorbell ringing and strange people wearing masks and costumes can traumatize pets.  Lots of loud noise, music and new people in your house can have the same effect.  So if you are hosting a party or are having trick or treaters hit your door, be sure to keep your pets in a safe and quiet place.  It is a good idea to keep them in a room with their favorite toys, bed and a security blanket that has your scent on it (a worn t-shirt).  This will keep your pet amused and comfortable.  It will also keep them out of harms way of all the commotion and harmful food and candy that will be lying around.  Prior to letting your pet out, be sure to have the house picked up and make sure all unfamiliar guests are gone.  Don't leave candy, finger food, adult beverages or sodas laying around that your pet can get into.  Also be sure that all the guests your pet does not know have cleared out of the house.  Your pet will be eager to be released back into the house and their behavior will be somewhat erratic.  So be sure that only family or a few very close friends (that your pet knows) are still in the house so there will not be a problem.

Another reason to keep your pet isolated during parties and trick-or-treating is that often times your doors will be open and unmonitored.  Pets often times escape during Halloween and a pet that gets out of the house can be very dangerous.  Beyond the normal fears of getting lost or hit by a car; Halloween brings out lots of vandals and pranksters.  So be sure to keep your pet safely indoors all through the night.  Do not allow them to go outside unattended.  Oftentimes, pets will be harassed, painted, beaten or even killed by those that are up to no good in your neighborhood.

Also pets can easily feel threatened by a large group of strangers if their family is not around. During Halloween the streets are filled with large groups of people, so if your pet gets out this can be a very bad situation.  If a pet feels threatened it can lead to them acting aggresively and possibly attacking people.  This happens pretty often on Halloween, even if the people are just trying to help the pet get home.  So be sure to keep a watchful eye on your pet and keep them safely indoors for the sake of your pet and the people out enjoying Halloween.

Be sure to follow these tips for safe holiday fun!  And remember, Pet Kept Secrets is here to help with any of your pet needs.  Please let us know if you found this article helpful and be sure to share it with your friends to help keep our pets safe!